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From this summer onwards, I am giving a new twist to my fishing habits as I just bought a brand new Wilderness Systems Ride 135, equipped with the AirPro Elite seat.

As I moved back to Southern Finland 2 years ago, I've been thinking of a new approach to fly fishing as we are living on the shore of the Baltic Sea, known for being good pike fishing waters. 

How did I come to kayak fishing?

That one is an easy one! 🙂
I got convinced to get a kayak by a friend, Johan Lindqvist. I've known him for some time already and we met a few times during outdoors & fishing Exhibitions...And of course talked about kayak fishing.

He's been fishing from a yak already for the past 3-4 years. And most importantly has been successful in his pursuit of the big mamas!

Buying a kayak was for me an obvious choice as it's a great way to get really close to water and the environment. You can reach places and spots that motorised boats cannot and you move faster than in a belly boat. So in all, a great tool to  explore and cover more waters during fishing sessions.

Moreover, I love paddling! I've been doing river paddling in rivers of all sizes, going down rapids, or crossing lakes in indian canoes. So a sit-on-top kayak was a natural choice for me!

The choice of A wilderness systems Kayak​

I wanted to get a kayak that is somewhat affordable with a good polyvalence in usage: able to be used in salt and freshwaters, easy to paddle, stable  with customisation possibilities. So I came down to 2 brands the Feel Free Lure 13 and the Wilderness Systems Ride 135.

The Ride 135 was ​more affordable at this stage for me and I got many good feedbacks from other anglers who have been using or are still using it very actively for the same type of fishing I want to do: on the shore, in lakes or big shallow rivers mainly for pike, trout or sea trout.

Moreover, if a great guy and famous kayak angler, like Chad Hoover is using this particular yak in many of his videos, there must be a reason, right?

​Check out his YouTube called Kayak Bassin TV channel


We are planning with Johan and a few other friends to provide more insights and reports of our fishing trips during the fishing season, so stay tuned for some cool pics and videos!!!

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