Vassijokka Lappland 2012

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Here is a superb video shot in Swedish Lapland made by our fellows from InWaders Media. The river is called Vassijokka where you can fish some good size  and strong graylings!! A couple of years ago I went to a similar place called Aggojogga. Many of my finnish fellows and readers may already know the name.

At this time We did not have the chance to get a chopper lift  :)…. So we  drove as far as we could and hiked to the fishing spot to establish base camp. Absolutely amazing fishing conditions, fishes rising everyday on dry flies !!!

[vimeo id=”46614728″]

For those who would be tempted to visit Aggojogga river we left a landmark there. Let me know if you find it !!! 😀

Reindeer Skull

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