Teno River: Season 2010

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Tenon fishing season has been underway for nearly two months. Puska Radio Channel, in Finland, informed about the varying number of stories about salmon, but the renewed catch data collection method tells interesting facts about this season’s catch.

“Teno 2009 summer catch of salmon was the narrowest of approximately 40 years. According to Game and Fisheries Research Institute, Teno river delivered 63 tonnes of salmon, which is a bit less than the usual 70 tons average number. On the Finnish side of the river was caught 36 tonnes of salmon. Drop from the previous year was nearly 50 percent. Fishing tourists accounted for the catch was less than 20 tonnes. ”

Teno River catch data collection methodology was revised for the current period and is now using the catches numbers reported on the forms for new fsihing licenses. RKTL’s Tana River data collection about reported catches by fishermen, over the past eight weeks, was about 200 salmon per week (700kg/wk). Last week, ie week 29, was the weakest in the summer, recorded salmon catches was only at 103 pieces.

Varying conditions have made fishing challenging, but the concern about Tenon salmon is probably warranted. For example the comparisons can be used for Vestre Jakobselv river, the tonnage of week 29, which was 321 pieces or 345 pieces for Repparfjordelvan river. Hopefully, the end of the season will bring better numbers and the necessary measures will be taken to strengthen the salmon stocks for the next period. Catches feedbacks should be made mandatory to strenghen the reliability of the statistics.

Source: Pohjolan Perhokalastaja & RKTL Tenojoen LohiSaalit 2010

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