Tenkara Fly fishing Technique

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Tenkara is a traditional japanese fly fishing method. it requires only a rod, a line an a fly. No reel…
This fishing method is particularly adapted to small streams or creeks. A very efficient, simple and fun way tocatch fish.

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Tenkara is mainly used for torrent fishing. It is very efficient to explore mountain streams. One of the main advantage is its simplicity, using a very light weight line, abling you to practice very delicate fly presentation.
The ability to hold the line out of the water is also a great advantage to keep control on the fly and do precise casts.

The line is attached directly to the tip of the rod. the total length of the line should be 30 to 60 cm longer thant the rod.
The casting technique is similar, but slower, to normal fly fishing but with a shorter loop. The catch of fish is very intuitive.

Tenkara fishing is accessible to everybody. It is a very pleasant way to fish which still requires years of practice if you really want to master the Tenkara technique.

if you wish to know more about the gears and equipmentto practice Tenkara, I suggest you to have a look at Tenkara USA.

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