Teasing Salmons with hitch flies in Kola Peninsula

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Watch the effect of the Sunray Shadow Hitch Fly on Salmon. Pretty effective!


The Sunray Shadow recipe:

  • Plastic or Aluminium Tubes
  • 1/2″ : 3/4″ : 1″ : 1.5″ : 2″
  • Thread : Black Silk
  • Underwing : Brown bucktail or Squirrel
  • Over Underwing : Peacock Herl
  • Main Wing : Streamer hair, natural sheep wool dyed black .Black Goat or black arctic fox can also be used
  • Over Main Wing : Crystal flash
  • Head : Black silk
Don’t forget to make hole on the side right behind the head as seen on the picture if you want to fish on the surface to print a nice V shape on the water surface. It is deadly effective in Norwegian and the Kola Peninsula rivers.
The underwing color can be changed according to your taste: white, red, orange, yellow, blue.

Picture credit goes to The Helmsdale Company.

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