Spey Casting on the Klamath river, California

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A great spey casting video shot at the legendary  Klamath river, California. Thanks to Gabe Lopez with the ShastaTrout crew for sharing this footage online!

[vimeo id=”20297182″]

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    hi Bruce,
    i’m really struggling to find anything great or even decent about this guy’s casting. sure, he gets the line out (through excessive force) but there isn’t a single element that doesn’t look as if it was done be someone starting off casting.
    that in itself is no problem, however, as he seems to be a guide and offers spey classes i can’t help but feel sorry for the person that would pay money for this.
    at best, this video could be used to analyze casting faults 😀

    of course, no offense to you mate,

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    Hei Marc!

    Thanks for your honest comments. I understand your concern from a spey casting technique point of view. 😉
    Actually, I posted the video because I just liked its atmosphere.

    As I am myself in the process of learning how to teach spey casting, I don’t have yet your experience to detect these faults. However now that you mentioned it, I had another look the video and effectively the casting ain’t that smooth so that could be cool if you could share more about what he does wrong?

    A bientôt,

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