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I was very excited this morning to find this short film on Vimeo that reminded me some good trips I do every summer with my step-bro’ in the swedish no man’s land to look for trophy graylings and trouts!

We already have another trip in preparation for the coming summer and I hopefully will be able to record a few videos this time.

For those who would be interested to do this,… get in touch I can point you to some good friends to organize it.

[vimeo id=”38716282″]
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    Bruce, I watched all 16 mins of this film while eating my lunch in the kitchen here! It really is lovely looking wild sport. Some nice fish action and that’s a very nice brown trout indeed – 3.5lb, 5lb? I never can tell, hard to say. I would love to go there but could only fit it in between the dates Aug 5 and 19 which will be too limited. Maybe 2013.
    PS did you see that post from Daniel G that they are out of the cutting room on the Gaula film. Oh boy I cannot wait. Hope to see those close up underwaters of my salmon – will have to study photos of it so can tell it’s the fish!
    You’re not going to AAPGAI this Sat are you in Cockermouth?

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    Hi Henry!
    Yes the places they visit in northern Sweden is a blast. I know a few places like this in Finland too. No one around… just few buddies, fly rods, tents and open fire. Trouts are usually big yes and grayling size can reach over 2.5kg! 😛

    I will be in England on the weekend 13th -16th of April for the AAPGAI instructor session on the Severn river near Shrewbury with Karl Humphries as host and teacher.
    As I live in France at the moment I cannot fly over there every week-end even if I would love to participate to each event! 😀

    Yes I saw the post from Daniel. Looking forward to seeing the full video!!

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    Bonjour Bruce, yes I understand you can’t get to every event. Me neither – it is a big drive from Cambridgeshire to the Lake District. Still I will go to this and good luck with yours on the Severn with Karl H.
    I really like the sound of your Swedish no man’s land Far North – up in Sammi reindeer country! Do you travel by helicopter too? That would make it expensive.. Would love to try that wilderness
    fishing for big trout and grayling in Swedish Lapland ..

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    We usually drive by car as far as we can, then take our backpacks and walk to destination. We enjoy it the hard way!!! 🙂 It makes the fishing more exciting!

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