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I have been recently doing a lot of research to upgrade my tying vise, looking for a durable and versatile rotary vise. It turned out that the range of vises on the market is pretty impressive, many vise manufacturers like DynaKing, Nor-vise, Griffin, JMC, Jvice, HMH, Regal, Renzetti offer a wide range of vise models. It came out that the choice is not so easy to make and highly depends on your tying needs whether you tie a lot on straight hook shanks, or scud hooks, on tubes, the size of hooks, and materials (dubbing, hackles, tinsels,…)

After discussing on the web with Nor-vise users about Pros and Cons of this unconventional tool, I decided to give it a go!

Ok so, why the Nor-vise and not a Renzetti or Dyna-King Barracuda. Well, the spinning feature seems to provide a great help for tying flies faster without giving up on the precision required on certain fly patterns. The conversion options for tube flies, bigger or thinner jaws to adapt big hooks for saltwater of very small dry flies, and not to mention the automatic bobbin which is a must have for all serious fly tiers around. so much easier to play around with the threads.

if you want to get to know this vise that ahas been around already for years: check it out at !

I should receive it by the beginning of next year so I will keep you updated on the set up and first try!

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