Meltausjoki, Lapland

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I just read today from the Lapland regional newspaper “Lapin Kansa” that the season has already started on open rivers and especially in Meltausjoki, 60km north from the city of Rovaniemi.

A few crazy fly anglers ( Finns of course šŸ˜€ ) were already fishing unfrozen riversĀ this March when the temp was still around -10Ėšc. Ā Main catches: graylings and trouts.

It is not always a pleasure to stand up in a freezing cold water but when the fish gets on the fly, you forget all the rest!

On these good words, I let you guys and I am off to check this Meltaus river.

Fly Angler - Meltausjoki

Picture credit: Lapin Kansa. Photograph:Ā Anssi Jokiranta.

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