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We are all eager to keep tracks of our fishing trips and adventures on the water. The best way of course is to get some action cameras and start filming, right? But for a kayak, what solutions are available on the market?

As a beginner kayak angler, I tried to look for a simple yet not too expensive way to get my fishing action on camera!

After a quick search of the various options, here is my shopping list, categorised by the best specialised brands.

My Gear Wish list to Film my fishing trips

GoPro Accessories


The GoPro Flex Jaws is one of the most versatile. It can be mounted on nearl anything you think of. and is really convenient to change filming position or angle in a few seconds. So if you look into buying such tool go for the GoPro version as it is really strong and durable. And you have the GoPro guarantee. 🙂

Smatree GoPro Cap

The Smatree Cap for GoPro and its quick release  buckle mount make it easy to set up your GoPro to shoot at  1rst person views of your buddies fishing actions or your own.

GoPro floaty backdoor kayak fishing

The Floaty backdoor is a’ must-have’ accessory if you set up you camera on a pole or stick it on top of your kayak. For the forehead or chest straps, it might not be so comfortable as it is around 1″ thick and not so easy to position well on the strap to get the shooting right angle. But a  must have when going on the water!

RailBlaza Accessories


The RailBlaza Camera Boom 150 or 600 Pro Series are really cool camera mounts with a great number of pivot options and camera platforms.  You can fix it on your side rails if you don’t want to drill holes while getting started. The pivot system at the base of the pole is a really interesting feature when you want to change shooting angles on the fly.


The combined StarPort Base and Tracmount kit is the way to go if you’re not too confident drilling holes in your yak. Those sidetracks still allow you to get multiple choices of shooting angles to try before deciding later or not to to go for a permanent fix at the rear of front of your boat.

Railblaza camera mount adaptor kayak fishing

The Railblaza camera Mount adaptor allows you to mount directly all kind of cameras directly on top of the poles. The pack includes a GoPro style tripod adaptor and it can hold  SLR, Contour, Garmin, Sony, Panasonic, HedCam, GoPro, and most action cameras you could think of.

RAM Mounts Accessories

Ram Mount Track Ball with T-Bolt attachement

The RAM 1 inch Track ball with T-bold attachement, will fit in any kayak rail tracks. Combined with the Ram Mount Double Socket Arm. It is a cool combo to take fish shots while sitting in your yak!

RAM Mount composite for cameras

The Ram Mount Composite Double Socket Arm for 1-Inch Ball . You can fix your video or photo equipments with the right adaptors for the most popular brands like GoPro, Garmin Vibe, SLR or Sony cameras  for example.  Added to the T-bolt track ball, it is a cheap and solid way to get started video shooting on your kayak fishing trips!

Ram Mount 18 inches extension for camera. Kayak fishing

The Ram Mount 18-Inch Long Extension Pole is a good and solid solution to mount your camera on. The  rotating head allows you to move you camera 360˚to shoot different angles. 

What’s your  kayak setup to shoot your fishing action? SHARE IT with us in the comments below!

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