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If you are looking for starting up  tying tube flies, I recommend you to  have a look at the Finnish Eumer’s Tube Fly Tying Kit and products. They have a very wide range of plastic tubes, brass tubes,  conehead tubes, Ballhead tubes …that make the tying of tube flies very easy and efficient.

The Eumer’s ABC page is a good place to start learning.  Some Technical Specifications are also available.

The Classroom page will give you all the information to learn how to get the best out of the Eumer Tube fly tying materials.

The Tube Fly Tying Instructions page will give you enough content to get your hands on various fly patterns on 3 different level EASY, MODERATE, ADVANCED.

Here is a quick list of all the materials you could use from the Eumer products to make your Tube Flies:

–  Tube Fly Adapter Kit: The tube fly adapter kit will easily convert your existing vise into a tube fly vise. Simply clamp it into the jaws of your vise, insert the desired mandrel or pin, and start tying! Includes 3 mandrels and 2 graduated pins for tying on all different tubes.

How to use This Tool.

Eumer has specially designed 6 styles to meet your ube fly needs.. They are manufactured in different sizes.

– Cone Tubes:All of the tying can be done in one spot: the concave area directly behind the head. Available in 3 lengths, 2 weights, and 12 colors.

How to Tie.

– Conehead Tubes: The conehead tube comes in two parts, allowing you endless options to mix and match colors and sizes. Since the tying is done underneath the conehead, the thread is protected from rocks, etc. Available in 4 lengths, 2 weights, and 12 colors.

– CrayFish Tubes: The perfect partner for all your shrimp imitation flies. The crayfish tube is perfect for all of your favorite shrimp imitation flies. It’s great for Bobmer sinkers and Francis imitations. The body is grooved for dubbing and mutliple tie points. Available in 2 sizes and 5 colors.

How to Tie.

– TearDrop Tubes: Multiple tying points and incredible swimming action. The teardrop tube is shaped so the fly’s center of gravity is beneath the wing for a smooth and balanced swim action. The body is grooved for dubbing and mutliple tie points. Available in 2 sizes and 9 colors.

How to Tie.

– Tag Tubes: he tag tube is bulbed in the back to serve as a strikepoint. Rearward weight bias causes the fly to swim as soon as it hits the water. Available in 2 sizes and 6 colors.

How to Tie.

– Plastic & Silicone Tubing: Eumer plastic and silicone tubes are so durable that they withstand very cold water, but they are soft enough to stretch over the eye of your hook. Plastic tubes give you many size options and color variations for your perfect tube fly.

How to Use.

– Coneheads: Regardless of which style of Eumer’s coneheads you use for tube flies, you are guaranteed the world’s best. Monster coneheads add an incredible swimming action to your tube fly by creating a suction action right behind the head. Next time, go fishing with a monster!  Available in 3 styles, 13 colors, and 3 sizes.

How to Use.

I can’t wait to receive my kit and get started. I already have plenty of pike and salmon flies I want to tie with those really great materials. I ‘ll keep you posted as soon as I get a few flies done.

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