Eumer Tube Fly Tying Kit… First try

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I received the Eumer Tube Fly kit and a few extra tying materials to get started on Tube Flies, and I can tell that the variety of brass tubes forms and colors is really cool and you can let your imagination flow . The videos tutorials on Youtube and on Eumer Classroom are really helpfull to get familiar with the technique.

So as a result here is my first tube fly.

A very simple Streamer pattern that took me less than 5 minutes to tie. It is composed of :

– Black Thread  Size 8/0

– Green Eumer Conehead Tube

– Arctic Fox tail Purple and Green

– Holographic Ice Dubbing

– Black Schlappen Hackle feather

As soon as I get more familiar with proportion of materials and their combination, I will post videos tutorials on the Fly Tying Channel on Vimeo.

Stay tuned!!

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    Hi Bruce,

    I wanted to buy a Eumer tube fly kit on the fly happening a couple of weeks ago, but there wasn’t a single dealer who sold them (tube flies aren’t very popular in Belgium), so I will have to order one on the internet. Any suggestions (or sales) on that matter?

    I’ve got some good news too. I bought a new video camera yesterday, so I’ll bee joining you soon (I still have to figure out a bit how the thing works though).

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    Hi Stefaan!

    Great to hear from you. We don’t have any retailers in France either so I actually ordered my tying kit from Scotland. I went to check on the Eumer Website in the retailers section and ordered my kit at Somers Fishing Tackle online.

    Somers Fishing Tackle site:

    Colin (the Sales man) did not have the kit I was looking for but he offered me a package with the tube adapter, mandrels from Eumer, and a few Conehead, Teardrop tubes assortments packets and fur to get started.

    But you can still check out the other websites that Eumer are referring to here:

    I am sure you will find something there!

    Cheers and happy fly tying!

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