Emån river, great salmon/trout fishing in Sweden

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To continue the exploration of great salmon and trout fishing spots around the world, after the Salmon river in Idaho – US, the Kola Peninsula in Russia, here is another very interesting spot for salmon anglers looking for another challenge. Many of my fellow friends in Scandinavia and Finland may already know it but it is worth mentioning its name and give a few info about the location.

The Emån river is located in southern Sweden. Stockholm trip to Emån river is about 370 Km. The river is of medium size, the average flow rate is about 40 cubic meters per second, ie the size of Kymi river in Finland. Water color is dyed by humus, golden brown.

Here is a short video of a fishing session in Emån river shot by Mattias Helde.

[vimeo id=”19163781″]

The beaches are quite deep, so the wading equipment is unnecessary in many locations.The river runs through the valley and the shores of hardwood growing oaks, ash and elms. The beaches are fairly easy to walk.
The fishing season starts in early March, but fishing wise, the best times are from March to April  and varies when the water begins to warm up a bit. In autumn, the fishing season ends in late September. The Emån river is famous for the world’s largest sea trout, with an average weight from 4 and 5 kilos, and each year provides few fishes of  more than 10 Kg. The biggest Emån river trouts caught  were almost 15 Kg! The fishes are very healthy and hard fighters, but also challenging to catch.

Which fly gears to bring with you?

A Two-handed salmon rod is the preferred equipment, but of course Single-Hand rod can be used. As lines during spring, it is popular to use various sinking shooting heads. It is a good idea to bring with you a few set of sinking lines to match with varying water levels during the season. In the autumn, floating lines or intermediate are the best choice.

As flies, I would suggest a variety of short copper tube flies (to make them sink) using Fox fur for the wing. The black and orange-yellow colors variety of combinations have been effective.  The Garry fly, Mickey Finn fly, and Jussi bunny fly for example have worked. Wing length may be between 5-8 cm and rather bushy. During the fall you may want to try smaller sizes.The fly body is usually made of golden, silver tinsel or equivalent. For the wing you  may also add some flashabou.

There are no specific restrictions on fishing on the Emån river. In some areas for example, single hook is authorized only. In the autumn, the female trouts have to be released. In some other areas, it is 100% no kill.

This is definitely a river to test!

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