AAPGAI Instructors week-end summary

 In Fly Casting

During the week end of 14th & 15th of April, i flew over to Birmingham to participate to a double-hand fly casting instruction session hosted by AAPGAI Master Karl Humphries on the bank of the Severn river nearby the medieval city of Shrewsbury.

The goal of the week end was to assess my casting techniques level to start preparing for the first of a series of AAPGAI exams to become a salmon rod casting instructor and guide.

During the 2 days we practiced the Roll cast, the Jump Roll cast or Switch cast, the Snake Roll , the Double Spey , the Single Spey and Overhead cast. We also went through the casting of sinking lines which is part of the examination too.

Karl helped me identify and fix my faults to perform a better rod load with less power as well as great tight loops for a better presentation. I am now starting my journey towards the AAPGAI qualification;… Wish me luck!!

Now time for a little practice on the river, talk to you later!!!

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    Bruce – Good luck on your AAPGAI journey. – Henry

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      Thanks Henry!
      We definitely have to meet up someday to share experience and fish together!!

      Good luck to you too!

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